Welcome Everyone on my Sailing website. I secretly hope that my website will be visited not only by People of the Sea but also by those of you who are looking for something undefined, something with a hint of adrenaline, something that could be called the fulfillment of a dream or the end of something incomprehensible agonizing deep in our souls. Something that makes you start to look for self-realization, an opportunity to follow to end of the world in search of beauty, adventure, nature – something, that gives meaning to our lives     


My website combines three aspects. 


  First :  - my offer, addressed to all of you:


        Sailing has always been my most important but not only passion. I'm doing my best to sail the seas and oceans of the world as often as I can and as often as possible. I am craving to see the World, to watch it while realizing my dreams, doing what lights up my soul: sailing on board of various yachts. There, right next us is the Element, the beauty of nature, a place where you can turn to your inner self and re-evaluate your world.  

        You will find here offers of cruises, organized by me, often with an already proven permanent crew. All tours are prepared on the basis of three basic principles: Safety of the crew, Safety of the boat, Safety of myself. I do my best to make the cruises interesting, and allow us to relax and visit as much as possible. Depending on the conditions and circumstances those are sometimes long-distance, sometimes short-distance cruises, sometimeslong-lasting, sometimes short trips - but every time they are full of new experiences, emotions and images. Filled with laughter, joy but also responsibility, loyalty and common effort of the entire team.


Second :

         This is my private, Sailor`s diary prepared so that I can share with you what I have seen and experienced. I am publishing here accounts of each trip. Here you will find pictures and my own notes, emotions described on the pages of this diary. I hope that this way you will be able to experience part of the great adventure and perhaps in time decide to join me FAR BEYOND THE HORIZON ...           


And then the third and final aspect:

        This is my offer for all People of the Sea - I am inviting You to a join me in my sailing trips, share information about dangerous waters, and mutually exchange our experience. Here I wish to point out that during my continuous development I was involved in different more or less spectacular rescue missions, saving and leading various yacht units into safe harbor. I'm also involved in this side of sailing – have my good and proven crew. Together we do  dangerous or logistically difficult missions. If someone has such a problem to solve, please contact us. For sure, if only possible, we will professionally solve the problem in the shortest time possible while maintaining the three basic principles mentioned  above.            


             Details of my experience can be found in my Sailing CV attached below.   

           Usually I am the life of the party, I love to keep and establish new contacts with people, I am an open, cheerful man. Spontaneous, responsible, enjoying and taking new challenges. I love to live and feel the adrenaline pulsing in my veins.

As a little boy I read the book "Adventure, your name is Pogoria" from Zdzislaw Szczepaniak - since that night, I knew that I will be sailing and the Sea will steal my heart - thousands of pages written about sailing and seas, later inland sailing, and as a natural consequence marine sailing, all developed my personality and persistence in pursuit of my target. I am sailing since 1988, and the Sea became the Element I fell in love with and respect for Its strength, power and immense beauty. The beauty of every dawn and twilight, when the seagull cries over the mast  and the boat tilted to the side wades along a course leading far beyond the horizon…



     With Sailor`s greetings

Tomasz Gruszka

„… The Sea, probably as a result of the salt contained in it, gives a rough outer shell for his servants, but retains the sweetness of their spirit.”

— Joseph Conrad  


Below is link to my Sailing CV in english:

Tomasz Gruszka

Current SV Sailing


On land, in the intervals between cruises with my wife we have a stable near Cracow. All information on this topic can be found here :

Tomasz Gruszka

Sable Nawojowa Góra